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About Archiware GmbH

Thousands of media companies worldwide use Archiware P5 to protect their production and assets. The product line includes: P5 Synchronize, for replication of time-critical data, to ensure high availability. P5 Backup, to back up server data to disk, tape, and cloud. P5 Archive, with MAM-like features, migrating data offline to tape and cloud. P5 Data Mover, an extension of the P5 Archive module offering policy-based moving and copying of archived data between tape, cloud and disk storage. All modules can be combined to create multiple-step security concepts to achieve maximum data protection. Archiware P5 secures data to disk, tape, and cloud and has integrations with numerous MAM/DAM/PAM and storage partners. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Archiware GmbH is a privately held company with over 20 years of experience in data management software and more than 18,000 licenses sold. Protect your files and find your solution at

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